The Rod Glove Hacks, some creative ways to use the Rod Glove products

Posted Mar 30th, 2017 in News, Pros, Tournaments

The Rod Glove Hacks, some creative ways to use the Rod Glove products

The hot term right now seems to be "hack", and many of these fishing hacks are merely just a person's perception on how to use something in an unique way to benefit them for fishing that maybe others might not have considered.  

Reading my recent Bassmaster magazine this past month, there is a list of fishing hacks on various items and it got us thinking here at The Rod Glove how some of our own products might become hacks.

Both The Rod Glove Pro Staffers FLW Pro Joe Holland and PMTT Tournament Angler Nick Filip share some of their own Rod Glove hacks.

Rod Glove Pro Staff Nick Filip is a tournament angler on the Professional Musky Tournament Trail series and uses not only the Pro Series Rod Gloves for protecting his rods but also has found a creative way to add some tie down storage for his rods on his boat.  For many of the V-hull design boats there is no deck storage for rods.  Nick decided to make a hack with the Rod Glove Wrapz.  He took a screw and washer and secured the Rod Glove Wrapz onto the side of his boat allowing him to secure his rods in place while driving.  He also likes to use the Rod Glove Wrapz to secure his electronic covers in place while travelling to keep them protected.


Our Rod Glove FLW Pro Bass Joe Holland has found a great hack for the Rod Gloves and has created his own youtube channel called Fishing Hacks.

Take a look at the video that Joe made for the Rod Glove. 

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