Want to win a 2017 Triton driven by Bassmaster Elite Randy Howell?

Posted Nov 3rd, 2017 in News

Want to win a 2017 Triton driven by Bassmaster Elite Randy Howell?

With the season ending for the Bassmaster Elite's, most angler's are taking a break and getting ready for the upcoming 2018 season. 

The Rod Glove Elite Randy Howell is once again donating his boat to King's Home.  All donations allow everyone a chance to win his boat and accessories that he drove this year.

If you have ever dreamed of owning a new bass boat and one with all of the bells and whistles, along with giving back for a great cause, then you may want to head over to www.kingshome.com for a chance to win Randy Howell's boat. 

Once again Randy Howell is donating his 2017 Triton TRX21 to King's Home in Alabama to help raise funds for this great organization.

King's Home has been home to hundreds of youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, for over 40 years.  By helping teenagers being raised with values and love, they help those that would otherwise may have been neglected or abandoned.

At this time of year of giving, why not give back to a great charity while taking a chance of winning a new bass boat.

Here is a video from Randy Howell showing the winner picking up his boat from 2016.

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's. PC. Tim Jarrold, VC Robin Howell