Must Have Fishing Tools…

Posted Apr 18th, 2020

Must Have Fishing Tools…

From cutting line to unhooking a fish, an angler needs to have the correct tools in their boat so that they can take care of any situation that they may face when on the water.  Here are six key fishing related tools that I have in my boat at all times.

1. Side Cutter:  this tool is important to have, from cutting a hook off at the barb or bend, because it hooked a bass deep or if it would happen, cutting a hook off that became lodged in you or fishing partner’s finger or hand, etc.  This cutting tool also comes in handy if you need to do any work on wire baits, such as a spinnerbait or buzzbait.

2. Knife:  I keep a folding compact knife in my tackle compartment that is easy to accesses.  This way I’m prepared for any scenario that may arise where I need to cut something.  This could be rope, a strap or who knows what else.  I rather be prepared on the water than not.

3. Fishing Line…Braided Line Cutter:  Being able to cut your fishing line without your teeth will not only give you a nice clean tag end, but also save you a verbal lashing from your dentist.  Plus you’ll want to have a cutting device that can cut braided line with ease, as you’ll want to be able to snip these super lines like butter, so your tag end is clean and if you are connecting braid to a Fluorocarbon leader, you’ll want to snip that tag end as close to the knot as possible.  A good scissors is the most logical choice as it is compact, which works well for anglers in a boat, boat also for those angler’s shore fishing or jumping in another angler’s boat.  I’ve played around with several brands and sizes over the years and have found that a small 3” Cuda Micro Scissors allows me to get that close cut to a leader connection knot or the knot on a crankbait. 

4. Pliers:  This tool is without question vital for an angler to have, as it can be used for the obvious job of unhooking a bass, to crimping an eyelet shut or bending the wire of a spinnerbait or buzzbait.  It is a wise plan to have several needle nose pliers in your boat, as dropping one of them in the water is bound to happen.  It is also a good idea to have several different sizes of pliers as certain sizes shine in a situation over another size.

5. Hook Sharpener:  When fishing a Texas, Carolina or drop shot rig, I like to use a fresh hook anytime I’m in a tournament scenario.  But when prefishing, using a wire bait or crankbait, I’ll keep an eye on the sharpness of my hook and if needed, I’ll give it a quick once over to keep that hook point sharp, I’ll rely on a simple sharpening stone.  This tool is compact and with a few quick swipes your hook is sharp again!

6. Baitcast pick:  this small pick that anglers can acquire from their dental office is a great tool to help take care of those nasty back lashes that may happen from time to time.  Other uses that I have found for this pick is clearing the “pee hole” on my outboard if it becomes clogged with sand or a small piece of vegetation or clearing the paint out of the eye of your jig.

As you start to get your gear all packed up for next fishing season, I would highly suggest you have these six tools in your tackle bag or storage compartment in your boat.

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