Dealer Inquiries

The Rod Glove is proud to offer American, Canadian and international retailers a product that is a leader in one of the hottest market segments today: Fishing Rod Protection.

With anglers spending more and more money on fishing rods, rod protection is inexpensive insurance against damage to the tips, the guides and the blank on all rods. Anglers from all over North America are buying Rod Gloves, and their affordable, practical functionality makes them a fast-moving product for all of our retailers.

VRX Fishing offers great discounts for retailers, making The Rod Glove a great profit margin product.

We also provide a branding service that allows you to print your stores name, website and/or logo on the Rod Glove. This branding provides you with exposure for your store long after the product has been purchased by the consumer. We offer Rod Glove models for Bass, Walleye, Musky and Ice Fishing Rods, each with multiple sizes and up to 13 available colors.

Contact us today for pricing and information, and set yourself up with a great, high-quality product.

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