PRO SERIES SPINNING ROD GLOVE • Standard 5.5' • Rods to 7.25'

For Spinning Rods up to 7.5'

The Spinning Standard Pro Series Neoprene (3mm) Rod Glove is 5.5' in length and is designed to fit fishing rods up to 7.25' in length.

  • Black with choice of trim colors (red, blue or black) OR full Camo.
  • Provides ultimate fishing rod protection
  • Made from high quality neoprene
  • Easily goes on/off your pods
  • Great for rod locker, eliminating tangles and rod disorganization

The high quality Neoprene provides the very best in fishing rod protection.

This Rod Glove covers 66" of rod.

Available Colors:

  • All Camo

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